Managed IT services that let you run your business while we run your technology

InfoTECH Solutions has been offering IT support services across the US since 2004. We know that our clients wear many hats, but, one hat they shouldn’t have to wear is that of an IT manager. Though extremely important, IT infrastructure maintenance and security is a distraction for business owners. We are committed to ensuring your focus on running your business is not diluted due to IT issues that need your time and attention. Invest your time where it’s really needed! Focus on your clients and grow your business without worrying about server downtimes, data security, back-ups, etc. Like our tagline says, "You run your business, we run your technology."

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IT support services | Staying updated with industry regulations

Staying updated with industry regulations

No matter what your industry vertical or company size, you will have some regulatory requirements to adhere to regarding electronic record keeping and data security and privacy. Adhering to such IT regulations can be expensive, time consuming and also demand timely upgrades which drain your resources. IT management is a hassle—especially when you have a business to run and clients to look after. We can take care of the upgrades and regulatory requirements so you can rest easier.

IT support services IT needs so you can invest where it really matters

Let us work on your IT needs so you can invest where it really matters

Are you spending more on the upkeep of your existing IT infrastructure than you’d like? By opting to outsource your IT requirements to us, you save on your IT costs which in turn allows you to invest in new technology that makes you more productive.

IT support service scale your IT based on your staff structure and business model

With us, you can scale your IT based on your staff structure and business model

Every business is different. To support your unique business requirements you perhaps have seasonal staff, multiple offices and even staff working from home. Moreover, if your industry is seasonal, you need more IT support during certain parts of the year while it tapers during others. At InfoTECH, we understand your unique needs and can keep everything running at all times, across multiple areas and ensure you get the IT support you need to function in today’s business environment.



InfoTECH Solutions was founded by Brian Leger and Eric Thibodeaux in 2004. These two South Louisiana natives have decades of combined experience as IT and computer specialists. The key to success? Ensuring that you, the customer, spends less time handling tedious, stressful issues and more time doing what brings in business to your company. InfoTECH’s extensive expertise allows them to cater to clients across a spectrum of industries, including oil and gas, medical, legal, insurance, retail, and many others. InfoTECH understands the importance of seamless IT services and that’s why they constantly strive to deliver professional, world-class service.

Core Values

Build Lasting Relationships

Every interaction is important, and we will strive to build positive, long-term, and mutually beneficial relationships with everyone, from the smallest local client to the largest global vendors.

Invest Deeply in People

People are our greatest asset and we will cultivate an environment that allows them to thrive personally and professionally. We will provide the tools, structure, training, and encouragement necessary to ensure everyone can be exceptional.

Be Family Focused

Our company is rooted in the family-oriented traditions of the south and it is from this association that our company culture stems. We will always treat our employees and their families as extensions of our own and help them to strike a healthy work and life balance.

Be Honest and Accountable

We are committed to the highest level of ethics, integrity, and accountability. We will maintain an excellent reputation by upholding our obligations and commitment to customers, affiliates, and each other. We will be diligent in discovering our shortcomings, transparent in identifying them, and uncompromising in correcting them.



All employees of InfoTECH are very professional and efficient. We always appreciate their help.

- Susan S.


Really appreciative of the quickness at which this project was addressed - thanks for all your help!

- Charissa H.


Thank you very much for resolving my problem(s) yesterday. I really appreciate the time you took to help me! The access is working perfectly today

- Linda P.


I would like to say I was very satisfied with everyone. I don't know much about computers, and no one made me feel like I was bothering them. I would just like to say Thanks everyone!

- Frachelle L.


I have known the owners of InfoTech ever since InfoTech was in existence (2004)!! I also know the quality of IT services that they deliver. We receive quick response with potential timeline as to when the issues will be addressed. If the techs encountered an issue, I have always been updated on what the issue was and as to how they will resolve it within a certain timeline.

The techs working for InfoTech have a very friendly and positive attitude.

I have placed my trust in InfoTech Solutions and they have delivered!

I believe in the work that they do and would recommend InfoTech to anyone who is looking for a computer tech servicing company.

- Dianna, LARC.


InfoTech Solutions has been managing our IT services since they opened their doors in 2004. As a service company ourselves, our expectations of our own service providers are quite high. Despite having offices in six states and employees in twenty, InfoTech is able to serve as our primary IT provider nationwide. Besides designing and maintaining our computer network, we count on Infotech for company-wide security and backups (which we have had to use on more than one occasion) and much of our hardware and software support. When IT challenges arise, InfoTech always has the expertise we need.

- Kathleen G.


What managed services would help you run your business better? We offer a full range of managed services, including unique offerings such as security breach prevention training, network security assessments, industry compliance reviews (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, GLBA) and technology budget planning.

IT support services Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

When your business depends on your IT, you cannot afford to wait until a problem appears and then fix it. As a competitive business, you also know that things like data security, backups, server downtimes, application upgrades, etc., are critical to your business success, but how do you handle them on time? This is where we step in. Our motto is to ensure our clients are able to run their business without worrying about their IT infrastructure, and that is why we offer proactive IT services.

IT support services Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Is your business equipped to handle a disaster that affects your IT infrastructure? Fire, theft, hurricane, terror attacks, all have the potential to impact your IT infrastructure negatively. Do you have the system in place to bounce back immediately? Running a business is all about managing data effectively and using it to drive revenue. However, a constant focus on data security is not possible when you have hundreds of other things to take care of. InfoTECH Solutions offers premier remote data backup and disaster recovery solutions that go beyond simple backups to protect your IT infrastructure and mission-critical applications, so you can minimize downtime and data loss in the event of an IT disaster and bounce back as soon as possible.

IT support services network monitor

Network Support

Network infrastructure maintenance is key to the efficiency and security of your business. However, maintaining servers and networking equipment such as firewalls and routers properly can be expensive and also requires in-depth IT expertise. At InfoTECH Solutions, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise needed for the job. We offer end-to-end network support so you enjoy minimal downtime. We constantly monitor your network performance to identify latency and network connectivity issues before they can hurt your business operations.

IT support services Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Data breach or theft of confidential customer information can be fatal to your business. And, the thing about cyber miscreants is--they don’t discriminate. Whether you are a large firm or a small business, you are just as susceptible to cyber crime. Only, your chances of bouncing back are lower if you are a smaller firm because your brand and finances may not be as strong. InfoTECH Solutions offers cyber security services that address all areas of potential vulnerability for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect you and your customers from malicious activity that can bring down your business.

IT support services Cloud Hosting


We offer robust cloud hosting services that allow you to scale up on-demand, keeping your business agile. Mitigate the cost and complexity associated with traditional, on-premise computing and data storage with our cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting works the same as your traditional setup--only better, safer and faster. With our cloud hosting services, you get 24/7 support; the demands of managing, monitoring and securing your data falls on us. You don’t have to worry about unexpected IT repair costs or upgrades. Plus, having your data in the cloud also gives you the advantage of having secure, yet, ‘anytime-anywhere access’ to your data via the internet.

IT support services Voice Solutions

Voice Solutions

Your communications infrastructure is critical to your business success. It is what keeps you connected with your customers. Problems in your communications infrastructure can translate into loss of business. At InfoTECH Solutions, we offer a wide range of voice solutions for businesses that encompasses implementation, monitoring, maintenance and administration so that your voice communications infrastructure always functions smoothly and is glitch-free.



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